Spa and Hot Tub Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ

For many years, spa and hot tub owner in the Sedona and Phoenix, AZ areas have turned to AAA Repair & Service. We have years of experience and our expert technicians know how to restore your hot tub or spa to perfect working order and keep it running seamlessly for years to come.

We offer several hot tub and spa-related services, including:

  • Hot tub tune-up
  • Tub cleaning and PH adjustment
  • Hot tub inspections
  • Hot tub services
  • Hot tub relocation and setup
  • Maintenance service
  • Complete hot tub detail
  • And more

How Can You Tell Your Hot Tub or Spa Needs Maintenance Services?

We can do maintenance on your water purification system to make sure your water always stays one hundred percent pure. What’s more, we can give your control system a tune-up so that you can easily regulate your tub. We can also give your electrical components a thorough inspection so you can feel sure you’re safe when relaxing in your spa or hot tub throughout the year.

What Additional Hot Tub and Spa Maintenance Services Do We Offer?

At AAA Repair & Service, we also respond to your emergency pump repair needs if yours prevents the water from circulating. As the old adage goes, it’s always better to be proactive than reactive, and we can do routine maintenance to keep in front of issues. Additionally, we can fix any plumbing problems if your pipes aren’t working in tandem with your tub or spa.

Other customers need us to work on their filters, doing preventative maintenance, or getting rid of bothersome clogs. You might require us to fix your heater, so the water stays at the optimal temperature. Maybe you need us to take a look at your tub’s ozone so your water remains free of bacteria.

We can talk to you about equipment packs if you’re ready to go digital, or you might want one of our technicians to take a look at your topside so you can see what’s happening with your water. You may request that we fix your motor, so your water circulates like the tub or spa’s designer intended.

To learn more about our maintenance services, contact us.